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Late breaking abstract submission deadline 

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Published Oct 22, 2019:

Grants and Awards

Those who wish to apply for travel grants and awards should do so by providing the required information in the online abstract form. 

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The ECNP 2020 Congress is compliant with the provisions of the MedTech Europe Code of Ethical Business Practice 

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Major sponsors



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Announcement 5 February

Late breaking abstracts:
Development in e.g. molecular pathology, especially in the tumor area, goes fast. Therefore we will have a section of "late breaking abstracts" for which you can submit until the end of April. The abstracts will be included in the conference app, but not in the printed version of the abstract book. They will be presented as posters.

To be accepted, late breaking abstracts must:

  • contain novel data (not previously presented)
  • be of outstanding scientific quality
  • fit the topics of the congress
  • add value to the scientific program

For submitting late breaking abstract use the online abstract submission link.
Please send an email to: to inform us that you submit a late breaking abstract. We will then retrieve it from the system and have it reviewed.

Announcement 18 January

  • Extended abstract submission deadline!
    Seeing numerous requests we are extending the abstract submission deadline until 1 February, 10 A.M. CET
  • In your abstract account, your abstract will show "review" status if your abstract has been received and is ready for review
  • All submitters will be notified about acceptance by mid-February or sooner if possible
  • Submitters of abstracts that are selected for oral presentation will be informed before March 3rd

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Abstract submission is open!

The poster sessions will be integrated into the congress program by means of moderated poster sessions and inclusion of free communications in several symposia and in the workshops. 

Abstracts can only be submitted online. The submission deadline is Saturday, 1 February 2020, 10 A.M. CET.

You can now access the online abstract submission system on a secure external page.
You will need to create an account in order to submit an abstract.

You can edit your abstract until you have submitted it (by pressing the 'submit button' at the end of the process).

Those who wish to apply for a travel grant should do so by providing the required information in the online abstract form.  Travel grants are intended for neuropathology trainees and scientists younger than 35 years.

Please take into account these submission instructions:

Title of your abstract: not more than 20 words.

Max number of words: 250

Abstract layout:

  1. Short background/introduction
  2. Objectives
  3. Methods
  4. Results
  5. Conclusion

No Images/figures/tables

Tips for using the system:

  • You need to provide name and affiliation of each (co-)author. Each author needs a unique e-mail address. You cannot use one e-mail address for two authors.
  • Indicate the presenting author (there can only be one presenting author per submission)
  • If you submit your abstract, the status on your dashboard will indicate 'abstract review’. That means your abstract has been received and will be reviewed. As long as the status shows ‘abstract’ you can edit your abstract - until you submit it.
  • If you wish to withdraw your abstract after having submitted it, for example if you cannot attend the congress anymore, please inform us immediately.

The presenting author will receive our communications.

If you have questions about abstracts, please contact the Euro-CNS secretariat:


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